PSEB Punjab Board Class 12 pending exams cancelled, result likely by July 15

The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) has cancelled the pending class 12 board exams. Now, the result will be declared on the basis of the exams which have been conducted already, an official from the board informed editplatter.

Following the trend started by the CBSE, now PSEB has also decided to evaluate students’ performance based on the best three criteria. Among the exams which have been conducted, the average of the highest three marks of a student will be calculated and the score will be given on the basis of the same. The formulae were decided by an expert committee, the source informed.

The evaluation process — for the exams which have been held before — is still on and the result is likely to be declared any time by July 15. Earlier when the PSEB declared the result for class 10, 8 and 5, without conducting exams, it had informed that the mark sheets will have “promoted due to coronavirus” written on them. The results once declared will be available at official websites, and

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